How to Publish Quality Content For Your blog?

Having quality content to post to your blog on a regular basis is a task that can be a real headache for many bloggers.It is not good to create a short article in which you explain anything, without going into any kind of detail. Your content should be able to attract readers and get them so impressed that they are willing to share it on social networks, and why not, subscribe to receive more content in the future.

The first thing is the idea

The first problem that arises when creating this type of content is to have the idea of what to write about. As we have said, we have to write on a topic that we know our readers are interested in or that there are people interested.

But how do we find out what those interests are?

Obviously we can not try to guess them. To know which are the topics that are generating more interest, you have two options:

Find what works on other blogs

Probably what is attracting more attention in other blogs of your same subject matter, will also attract the attention of your readers. To identify these topics that generate more interest, my recommendation is that you use a tool like Feedly to have ordered the feeds of all relevant blogs in your niche market and access their content more easily. To identify which posts are getting better results, simply look for articles that have been shared a greater number of times in social networks. When you find a post that you find interesting, annotate it so you do not forget. You can use Evernote to have all your notes and do not forget anything.

How to Publish Quality Content For Your blog?

Ask your readers

Asking your readers directly about your needs and what topics they would like you to deal with in your upcoming posts is another way to get ideas for your posts. To apply this technique you must have a minimum audience, otherwise the answers you get will be very small. To know the interests of your readers you can either create a post where you ask to leave a comment on the topic they would like you to try, or use a tool like Qualaroo to poll your visitors.

Now that you know the interests of your readers and know what to write about, it is time to start creating your article.

To plan

Once you have decided on what you are going to write, you will surely come to mind several ideas about the different aspects that you will try in your post. You may need to do some research to get additional information on the subject you are going to try and be able to write a more complete and detailed article.

In this step, you must organize all these aspects and elements that you are going to treat in your post and structure them conveniently. Evernote can also help you write down these ideas and when you write an article another day, you’ll have the basic ideas you want to keep in mind in your article.if you are new in this field and haven’t got writting expernice than use thisĀ article rewriter – SEO Tool Network Tool that will solve your problem and save your much time and make easier for you.

Write non-stop

It is time to develop each of the elements that you defined in the previous step. To improve your productivity and create your post in the shortest time possible it is highly recommended that you write without any distraction and without stopping you to correct any type of error. Later you will edit the article and correct the errors.You should try to explain in more detail all the ideas that you include in your article. Remember that long, well-detailed posts usually get better results than short posts and without details, where many things remain in the air.

Edit and correct

We all make mistakes when we write and obviously we can not afford to submit an article in which there are important errors. This step takes on more relevance even when you write without stopping, as I suggested earlier.Once you have completely finished writing your article, start reading it aloud from the beginning. As you read, correct all the spelling and grammatical errors you find. You should also rewrite all those phrases that you think are not good for you or you can get a better result to make them easier to understand.

To finish making sure everything is perfect and can be read fluently, you can ask someone else to read it.

Write title

Many bloggers start creating the title and from there write all the content of their posts. Personally I do the opposite. Once I’ve written all my article, I give it a name.

This is not a simple task and you should devote your time. The title is the first thing your readers will see, and if it is not attractive and fails to attract attention, many of them will not even continue reading.

Publish and Share

Before posting your post you should include at least one image to make the reader’s experience more enjoyable and your article more attractive. You can find Creative Commons licensed images on Flickr.Once you’ve published your article, share it in your social profiles to start attracting visitors.


I hope this article helps you and from now on you have fresh and quality content for your blog. If you follow the steps that I have just shown, I assure you that you will spend less time than you are

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