5 different types of massages that will make you feel like new

When routine and large amounts of stress take over your body, there is no better remedy than to indulge in some massage. These types of treatments allow you to disconnect from reality while you relax and renew. Hela Spa is a space located inside the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental dedicated to providing experiences with gratifying effects amidst a chic urban environment. There treatments are offered with the best spa lines in the world.Experience the Biologique Recherche experience at Anabelle Spa Its services include the following five:Swedish massage It lasts for 50 minutes and has a relaxing effect. The pressure used is light to medium and helps improve blood circulation, cell oxygenation and relax tired muscles.

Sport massage

Special to relieve tension caused by exercise. It works by stretching and rubbing that helps improve sports performance, flexibility and prevent injuries or chronic pain.

Four-Hand Massage

It is carried out by two expert therapists in synchronization. For this technique they use an exclusive massage oil made from Azcapan Ixhua, medicinal herb that the Aztec nobility used to sleep. Perfect to eliminate stress, fight insomnia and improve concentration.

Nordic stone massage

Inspired by a Nordic ancestral technique consisting of placing smooth stones at different temperatures on strategic points of the body. It helps the flow of energy and the relaxation of muscles. It also relieves pain, tension and promotes a state of harmony throughout the body.

Deep Cleaning Facial:

Created to eliminate toxins and contaminants from the skin. It works through an exfoliation, followed by a deep extraction and the application of an exclusive moisturizing mask. The result will be a clean and luminous face

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